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Our safety goal - zero incidents. Backed by continuous training, we are committed to making your project incident & injury free.

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Clear expectations, transparent communication. Together, we schedule work based on your needs and timeframe.

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We respect your trust. Extensive experience and open communication help us set clear pricing expectations.


Thieneman awarded Envision Verified Award

The City of Evanston’s Clearwell 9 Replacement Project was acknowledged with the Envision Verified Award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure for key sustainability achievements including: 

  • Improving views, enhancing community aesthetics, and adding new public space
  • Meaningfully engaging stakeholders
  • Implementing an innovative design
  • Protecting the natural world (nearby wetlands, undeveloped land, soil health)

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We empower people to build a brighter future.

Here at Thieneman, our ability to deliver for our clients depends on our people. We focus on empowering everyone in the Thieneman family through an inclusive culture and extensive technical training. With that mindset, we are able to find innovative solutions to your biggest challenges, leading to a brighter future for all. 

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Building a better world one project at a time.

With our high level company mission, each client project, and every conversation, Thieneman Construction strives to deliver best in class construction projects with one mission in mind – make the world better.


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At Thieneman, we’re committed to quality, results, and serving our clients needs.


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At Thieneman, our people are our family. In an effort to deliver the best employee experience possible, we have crafted an inclusive culture, extensive training program, and individualized growth path. As a team, we confidently work with our clients to deliver innovative solutions and brighter futures, together. 

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Focused Minds

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Fearless Hearts

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Relentless Execution

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"We take pride in our execution. We take pride in your final results. We take pride in how we work together". - Ken Thieneman, President and CEO