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Learn what your career in construction could look like. Innovative Solutions | Brighter Futures

We listen. We understand. We challenge. We are innovators. We push the limits because we believe that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. We take construction and safety seriously, and we have serious fun. We will not settle for the status quo. We strive to learn and do more. We support one another and we value every opinion. Together, we are on a path to a brighter future.

Employee Growth Path

Great People Deliver Great Work

Leadership within Thieneman is focused on mentoring each employee to develop their skills and further their career. To do this, an employee’s supervisor works with them to create an Individual Development Plan (or IDP). An IDP identifies an employee’s interests and areas for improvement.

Leaders in the company then use those insights to curate impactful experiences that both develop skills in those areas for improvement and guide that employee to leadership roles in the areas that they are most passionate.

This allows our employees to grow quickly as professionals and as people. Thieneman has built this process to empower our people to quickly rise in the company by taking on more responsibility and leadership, while maintaining enjoyment at work.

Thieneman Construction Employee Growth Path Office + Field

Core Values

Innovative Solutions Create Brighter Futures

Our brand and culture is a belief system. It’s how we interact with others. It’s collaborative planning, diverse thinking, and helping those around us succeed. It’s empowering one another to grow and reach their full potential. It’s a mindset that we bring every day, ready to deliver innovative solutions for a brighter future.

Respect - Thieneman Construction Culture


To empower people, so they can provide innovative solutions for a brighter future

Engage - Thieneman Construction Culture


Leader for creative, innovative, and environmentally sustainable to the world's most challenging projects

Innovate - Thieneman Construction Culture


Winning Attitude


Our People Make Our Company

Our people make our company a great place to work and will allow us to keep growing. As we expand, it’s important to set a clear message about what we stand for at Thieneman. We’re proud to stand by our tagline: Innovative Solution | Brighter Futures

Hear from some of our team members about what it means to them.

Fred Cranston - Superintendent

Fred Cranston, Superintendent

“I make it a point to develop relationships with the client and the engineers; it makes a difference when resolving issues, helps build trust, and leads to better relationships and satisfaction after the job is finished.”

Hunter Mills, Project Manager and Shawn Phillips, Superintendent

“At Thieneman, we're a team. We support each other, and this makes us successful. We challenge each other constructively - and by working together, we overcome challenges and deliver."

Matt McCoy - Project Manager

Matt McCoy, Project Manager

“Thieneman not only gives me the resources that I need on the job, but we deliver as a team - sharing knowledge and information makes us all successful."

Erick Hayes - Millwright Foreman

Erick Hayes, Millwright Foreman

“Thieneman has a large knowledge base. I feel supported to go out and make things happen, knowing that I can reach out to others for help solving unique problems.”

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"We take pride in our execution. We take pride in your final results. We take pride in how we work together." - Ken Thieneman, President and CEO