Project Delivery

Thieneman Construction is your teammate in realizing your goals.

Project Delivery

We work WITH you!

First and foremost, here at Thieneman, we will work WITH you. Our projects revolve around your needs in order to deliver a brighter future for you and your business. 
Our team of construction experts can help, at any stage of your project. Continue reading to find out how we can help you based on the progress of your specific project.
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Understand the goals, priorities, timeline, initial scope, and risks of the project.

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Execute the plan, construct the project, and commission equipment.

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Outline the schedule, requirements, design, and budget to execute on the project.

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Transition to normal operations, project maintenance, and improvements.

Project Delivery Models

What is the best way for us to work together?

Are you a municipality  with a project idea and desire, no change orders and a cooperative team?   Thieneman’s BOT team is ready to serve you.  Our team will listen to your needs, and offer a proposal that includes financing  engineering and construction that satisfy the state’s BOT and GSC, pubic-private-partnership legislation.

Phase of Project: Initiation through operation

Owner Participation: All phases of project

Contractor Scope of Work: Engaged early, work through all phases

Are you a facility owner who has a need for a rapid project implementation?  Our project teams are ready to execute.  We can bring a team of self performance leaders and pre-qualified subcontractors to the table, blend with your staff and execute your project.   Our proven safety, scheduling, cost management, construction and commissioning procedures will have your facility producing as quickly as possible.

Phase of Project: Initiation through execution

Owner Participation: All phases of project

Contractor Scope of Work: Pre-construction & construction phases

Do you have have a project idea and would like a team to add their experience?   Our Design-Build team will  join forces with a design engineer that is selected for your project.   We will meet with you, understand your project objective and execute your vision.   We will handle the details so you can focus on running your operation.

Phase of Project: Planning through execution

Owner Participation: Preliminary design

Contractor Scope of Work: Design, pre-construction, & construction phases

Do you have a complete set of construction plans and need an experienced contractor to build your facility?  Our project team are ready to offer you market competitive pricing and the ability to delivery a safe, high quality on-time project.   Our ability to self perform the majority of the project gives you the confidence that we will be in control every day and meet the most demanding schedules.

Phase of Project: Execution

Owner Participation: All Phases of Project

Contractor Scope of Work: Construction Phase

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What Project Can We Help You With?

"We take pride in our execution. We take pride in your final results. We take pride in how we work together." - Ken Thieneman, President and Founder