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Evanston, IL

Delivery Method: Design Bid Build
Project Size: 5-Million-Gallon Drinking Water Facility
Construction Value: $19.5 M


phase earth retention system between university dorms and Lake Michigan.


feet below grade between lake Michigan and university buildings.


owner requested work stoppages managed around university events (sports, move-in, etc.).
The City of Evanston needed to build a new 5-million-gallon reservoir tank at the clearwell drinking water facility to support an expanding population. High attention to detail was required to construct the 265’ x 145’ tank, 25’ below grade, positioned directly between Lake Michigan and a large student dorm. The project featured a complex 5 phase earth retention system. The project was completed ahead of schedule with both stakeholders pleased with the execution and results while navigating 9 project stoppages for university events because the project was located on Northwestern University property. Northwestern even brought their construction and engineering students to tour the jobsite multiple times.

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