Fort Harrison Water Treatment Plant - Lawrence IN - Thieneman Construction

Fort Harrison Water Treatment Plant

Lawrence, IN

Delivery Method: Design Bid Build
Project Size: 4.32MGD Iron Removal Water Treatment Plant
Construction Value: $7.9 M


2,000gpm aerators


1,000gpm horizontal pressure filters


1,500gpm high service pumps
The project consists of the construction of a new 4.32MGD iron removal water treatment plant including a new filter building. The new treatment plant includes two steel detention tanks, two 2,000gpm aerators, backwash tank and pumps, three 1,000gpm horizontal pressure filters, two 1,500gpm high service pumps, auxiliary build chemical storage and chemical feed equipment, and all associated and ancillary yard piping and electrical and integration. The project also included rehabilitation of the Indian Lake Water Treatment Plant which consisted of replacement of filter media and rehabilitation of the existing filters. The project also included improvements to the existing wells in the Fort Harrison well field, Indian Lake well field, and the Winding Ridge Booster station.

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