Saturn Foods PetCare Construction Project - Thieneman Construction

Saturn PetCare

City of Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana

Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery
Construction Value: $135,500
Saturn PetCare project was a unique experience as we worked with a large industrial Construction Manager (CM) and a process equipment supplier. H2Flow was chosen by Saturn to treat the manufacturing run-off from the dog food manufacturing process. H2Flow turned to Thieneman Construction for the installation of their process equipment. Our work included the installation of client supplied process equipment and controls, as well as the supply and install of process piping, valves, gauges, and electrical items. Our work onsite included collaboration and coordination with other entities which were hired by CM outside of our scope but still peripherally connected to our scope. Our crew had to perform to the expedited schedule from the CM and the heightened safety protocols administered by the Owner.

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