TriCo Regional Sewer Utility - Thieneman Construction

TriCo Regional Sewer Utility

Tri County, Indiana

Delivery Method: Design Bid Build
Project Size: 23-Million-Gallon-Per-Day Sewer Utility
Construction Value: $21M
The project consists of increasing plant average/peak design capacity from 3.05/15.3MGD up to 5.72/23.0MGD.  This included: a new grit removal system with two removal cells, four new cells for the Vertical Loop Reactor treatment tank, three new 70ft diameter secondary clarifiers, a new Mixed Liquor Splitter Structure, a new Return Activated Sludge Building, new UV Disinfection and Post-Aeration, and new backup Generator; as well as all associated underground process piping and all electrical and controls.

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