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Everyone Goes Home

Safety is always our first priority. Even as environments change, safety should be a condition of work. The end goal of all Thieneman safety programs is getting people on board with safety. With an option between safer and faster, 10 out of 10 Thieneman employees will pick the safe way. This paired with our mentality of Innovative Solutions & Brighter Futures has led to creative new programs being put into place.

All Thieneman People, go through rigorous safety training to ensure we live up to our mantra, “Everyone Goes Home.” These trainings include: required online training and certifications, company safety education videos, third party safety demonstrations, onsite safety documentation, daily toolbox talks to discuss work plan safety.

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"At Thieneman, safety is our # 1 priority. Safety begins with management and ends with every employee, every single day. We set new standards for our safety culture by giving employees the platform for spreading ideas and solutions that work. Successful safety programs begin with influence - not authoritative actions. Each day, our employees attain, motivate, and surpass our company's safety expectations and goals".

Tony Johnson

Safety Director, Thieneman Construction



Our people understand that we are on the same team and our safety strategy is about bettering ourselves as a group.



Thieneman’s close relationships with suppliers and safety leaders provide high quality out-sourced safety training.



Using positive motivation, Thieneman encourages all employees to choose the safe path and think before acting.

Safety Program

What Safety Trainings Do We Offer?

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Hard Hat Program

Workers design their own safety stickers and then vote on the best with the winners getting prizes. The main goal of the program is visibility and achieves this by helping our workers be proud of their safety achievements and unites them all behind one safety message.

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We are officially members of the Coalition for Construction Safety. This year we are trying to win the safety innovation award, and the craftsman of the year award. If you win smaller awards and get your name out you set yourself up for the crystal eagle.

Construction Project Safety - Thieneman Construction

Emergency Preparedness

Each site will have its own evac map with correctly oriented arrows for those who can't read a map. The TCI sweepers program helps identify all individuals on a site. Our number one priority is making sure that everyone stays safe in the event of an emergency.

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Safe Walkways

We create clearly defined walkways and remove all hazards from them along with ensuring no overhead hazards exist in these areas. These safe walking paths are used by the client’s employees to get to their work zones safely without having to wear/have all the regularly required PPE.

Construction Project Safety - Thieneman Construction

Ergonomic Self-Help Guidelines

A step by step how-to ergonomically set up your workstation along with ergonomic tips and tricks. Ergonomics is essentially fitting the workstation to the worker. Adjusting chair height, seat pan, and monitors to prevent long term back injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Find It Fix It Hazard Recognition

Find a hazard (water on the stairs) = 1 entry to the drawing. Fix a hazard (clean water on the stairs) = 2 entries in the drawing. Severe hazards that would be dangerous to fix that are reported (faulty electrics) = 2 entries in the drawing. If 50 entries are in the drawing by the end of the month TCI rewards the team!

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180 Drivers Program

This program is designed to ensure situational awareness in all TCI employees. Whenever someone gets out of their vehicle they must do a full 360 degree walk around of the vehicle and place the magnet on the front. When they get in to leave they do another 360 degree walk around the vehicle before taking it off. Hence the name 180 due to the two 360s.

Construction Project Safety - Thieneman Construction

Updated Training

We have invested in upgraded video training to make sure that training programs are both engaging and beneficial. The videos are made on site with the craftsmen targeting specific hazards and areas. Using these mini-videos we can streamline our NHO (new hire orientation) after finding out what does and does not work as well as provide as needed retraining. Lastly we can create a library of safety training videos so anyone who wants to learn to do something safe can. Usable safety trainings that can be accessed freely is a huge step in improving safety for everyone at and away from work.

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"We take pride in our execution. We take pride in your final results. We take pride in how we work together." - Ken Thieneman, President and Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Us Anything

Don’t do it. Notify safety and wait until the appropriate materials/equipment arrive.

Yes. TCI will soon be doing random drug testing at all sites along with post injury testing.

The safety department has side shields in stock. Thieneman will also cover up to $100 for prescription safety glasses. 

No. No employee is forced to do unsafe work. If you feel pressured to put your safety on the line or feel you will face repercussions for refusal to do an unsafe task please notify the safety department IMMEDIATELY.

People are obsessed with living longer and healthier. Employees are demanding safe work as more and more base level employees are tired of feeling disrespected by their employers. Showing employees that they matter enough to slow production or spend extra ensuring their safety is a must in the new age. It also leads to more business, people want to know they are dealing with a company who cares about its people and this level of care is reflected in safety.

Yes. Any employee or visitor must have full PPE and will be given PPE free of charge. However, PPE is documented when given to craftsmen ensuring the free system is not abused.

You can talk to the safety department: 

Tony Johnson Director of Safety – (317) 763-1623


In the documents section of the safety tab in Procore there are report forms for multiple kinds of hazards from near misses to injuries and equipment. 

Yes! Our safety director can do certified fork lift trainings and any trainings safety can not certify for we will pay for!

Safety has moved to the individuals in an organization, not just its safety department. While a safety department promotes safety and works to introduce programs that improve it, the responsibility of safety lies with the people. The safety department creates the conditions to be safe, through engagement and safety-oriented minds, the people themselves create safety.